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Continuing Education

Continuing Education

1. Arizona Ants (2 HOURS)

In depth discussion about ants and their colony structure. Continues with ways to identify

ants and information on ants commonly found in Arizona.

2. Arizona Ants (1 HOUR)

Discussion about ant colony structure and ant Identification along with a brief conversation

about Arizona ants.

3. General Pest Control Jeopardy (1 HOUR)

Play a lively game of Jeopardy using categories related to general pest control complete

with buzzers.

4. Rodent Reminders (2 HOUR)

General discussion about urban rodents and identification. Taking a look at biology and

behavior and using these keys to help us succeed in their removal. Focusing on exclusion

and trapping with a brief talk about bait.

5. Rodent Reminders (1 HOUR)

Brief discussion about rodent identification. Taking a look at keys to successful removal and

focusing on exclusion and trapping.

6. Safety & AZ Laws Today (1 HOUR)

Brief look at safety basics and a longer discussion about the laws as they stand in Arizona


7. Scorpion Biology, ID and Control (1 HOUR)

Basic look at scorpions and identifying species correctly. Look at habits and habitats to use

for successful scorpion control.

8. Termite Post Treating Essentials (1 HOUR)

Brief discussion on termiticide types and how they affect the termite. Also takes a look at

the methods used for termiticide application and why we treat where.

9. Weed Control & Calibration Jeopardy (1 HOUR)

How about a game of Jeopardy using weed control and calibration topics, complete with

buzzers for competitive fun.

10. Wood Destroying Organisms (1 HOUR)

Discussion about wood destroying organisms, including subterranean, dry wood and damp

wood termites as well as some hymenoptera and re-infesting and non-re-infesting beetles.


Customized Training Classes Available.

We can create custom training classes to cover specific areas. Contact us to discuss your needs.