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Safety Classes

Monthly Safety Classes

Monthly Safety Classes

1. Spill Control, Labels & SDS

Review of Hazards, Signal Words and Spill Control procedures. Label reviews of the products regularly used by technicians and their Safety Data Sheets. Calling attention to safety issues associated with each. (Customized to your Business)

2. Respirator Safety

Review the respirator and its components and the situations in which they should be worn. Teach and watch technicians as they perform positive and negative fit tests. Do Qualitative Fit tests. (Technicians must bring their respirators and extra respirators and respirator parts should be available)

3. Environmental & Public Health Pests

Review the common environmental and public health pests and how to avoid being exposed.

4. Pesticide Safety

General discussion about Pesticide Safety and how to protect the applicator, the public and the environment. Taking a look at mixing and loading, transporting and storing and disposing of pesticides safely.

5. Heat Stress

Brief discussion about Heat Stress and the signs and symptoms. Also look at some other things to avoid when doing inspections and/or treatments.

6. Ladder Safety and Fall Prevention

Looking at some basics ladder safety and ways to avoid slipping, tripping and falling.

7. Lifting Safely

Basic look at how to lift correctly. Look at some basics to chair height and placement for good posture and some basic stretching exercises to avoid stress.

8. Emergency Procedures

Discussion about basic emergency procedures, including use of fire extinguishers and some common weather emergencies.

9. Tool & Electrical Safety

General discussion about tool safety and how to properly use power tools and electrical stop boxes.