create_culture_of_trainingDid you see the article entitled Creating a Culture of Training? It was brought to my attention, it is in the

May/June issue of NPMA’s PestWorld Magazine. It is a great article and it has some good ideas for

training. The article looks at how important an ongoing training program is to pest control operations

and how companies that invest in training are 24% more profitable. The environment we live in today, is

ever changing and full of technology and it is more important than ever to understand and use every

resource available. Technicians need to understand the pests, methods of controlling the pests,

application methods and the laws pertaining to each. Building a good training model right from the

beginning and continuing a worthwhile program throughout is a must. Understanding and using all

available methods for control and taking advantage of technology where possible, is imperative to a

successful technician and ultimately a successful company. The article talked about getting the

technicians and technology involved in the learning process from the beginning. I have always believed

that motivating technicians to learn and providing a environment that is conducive to learning is

important. Even providing a competitive environment among technicians can be beneficial. We create

the environment for sales, why not for training? I can help provide training opportunities for your

company. I build a foundation for new technicians through certification training programs and build

upon this foundation through continuing education classes. I also provide opportunities for learning in

competitive and interactive ways. Enjoy the article and let me know how I can help you create a culture

of training in your business. See the full article here (PDF).